In the fall of 2010 Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to Salem, Oregon to surprise the Oregon School for the Deaf with a new dorm setup and to revamp their haunted house “The Nightmare Factory” that they utilize for an annual fund raiser. The lead builder of which is Rich Duncan Construction of Salem, OR.

Born Invincible, over the span of a week, created visual logos for varied utility items used in The Nightmare Factory including various signage, plaques, graphics and props throughout the week.  After major construction finished on the haunted house, producers asked us to take the narrow exit and final scare and transform it into a blacklight lit alley way with graffiti and a brick facade.  SubM2 crew, KujoRock, EoS, Kango and Dove of Born Invincible came in to tear it up.   Using inspiration and paint, they transformed two 25ft walls into a glowing freak fest, painting along side guest celebrity Rob Zombie.  Check out the video produced by EoS of SubM2 above and the full show episode below.


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