Montana Effects Sprays


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The Montana EFFECT Sprays are a range of special effect sprays that include granite, marble, glitter and glow in the dark effect sprays. The MARBLE Spray is a high-covering spray paint for a deceivingly realistic marble effect, with a variable pattern depending on how distance from the surface when sprayed. The GRANIT spray offers a textured granite finish. GLITTER spray adds a silver sparkle finish to any surface. CRACKLE gives any pre-painted surface a shabby-chic antique crackled look. The assortment is rounded out with NIGHT GLOW, the perfect glow in the dark effect spray. The assortment contains five each of 15 SKUs for a total of 75 cans. Display is not included.

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Metallic, Night Glow, Crackle Spray, Glitter, Granit, Hologram, Marble

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